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Summer Air Conditioning Room Necessary - Pure Wool Shawl

Sep 18, 2016

Summer outdoor temperatures soared to more than 30 degrees and minutes feel hot enough to melt, office air conditioning opens up, but air conditioning effect always let a female friend very troubled, wearing short sleeved air conditioning cold the back, arms, revealing dress leg is always cold. At this time, there is a thin just right pure wool shawl, put on that is the best.


Pure wool shawls, warm in winter and cool in summer, in full compliance with shawls popular trend; 80 count worsted weaving, the number of layer is folded into a scarf can do airtight, this is pure wool shawls craftsmanship crystallization.


Comfortable environmental protection from the fine workmanship, good faith material. HEFT is environmental friendly production enterprises and practical credibility sincerity is our most valued, affordable also need to adhere to high quality, we have been in the goal.