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Sunglasses And Hat Stylish Look

May 13, 2016

The diabolical, outside, in addition to use sunscreen, sunscreen has not ignore hardware equipment also cannot little, fashionistas the street edge tool is hat + sunglasses, in addition to real to block the sun, modelling fist kung fu is first-class, sorching summer, without a hat and sunglasses really embarrassed to go out? These two items have a magical function, is that no matter how simple your whole body is tie-in many no bright spot, as long as have the two sheet is tasted, T-shirt + shorts can also absorb eyes fashionable! 

Lit up the whole summer day is dressed up, there are a few pieces of amway. 

The goddess of hot style! Must-have upgrade polaroid polarized lens, the summer! Bazoo holds special order according to the Asian face, activities, according to the bridge of the nose to adjust, suitable for all face! Stars and the network's love with the sunglasses! Don't let the beauty, travel standard. 

High-end quality, the cap of high-end brands, all imported natural grass encryption thickening Prevent bask in optional folding portable ultra joker classic Black fashion White delicate Two colors are necessary hipsters. Daily and out shade enough! But also quite a joker, dresses and trouser suits can easily navigate! Highly recommend, cost-effective! 

This glasses really want to hand a case, the color of the joker reflective sunglasses Each color put up well with design is contracted but not simple.

Very fisherman hat, is not easy to blow down, behind is wide, shading effect is good ventilation effect is good, very comfortable to wear, no pressure, cap is good, the typical Japanese style of hat, clear fresh air ~ summer wear hemp is the most comfortable, breathable effect is very good, fabric is treated by uv, is Japan's unique patent technology of weaving ~ 

Nostalgia, ponder all show sexy charm, restoring ancient ways metal arrow for the frame window, elegant dance of nifty and lively. The requisite street, design and color is seductive, ponder fashionable restore ancient ways. 

Lovely series, small cartoon embroidery design, on the carrier of washed denim, humorous, lively, bestow cowboys cap, no matter what year popular cowboy elements appeal because it is enduring. 

Nowadays is the most popular of the transparent color collocation mercury reflective lenses Very fashionable restore ancient ways round box, let a person really can't A gorgeous design Absolutely let you have the feeling that find everything new and fresh, new worth having. 

Hat is fine embroidery craft, the overall design simple fashion, very suitable for the pursuit of individual character style of girl, flat along the cap is kink modelling of commonly used item. 

Ps: simple eyes of effective way to learn, to hurry up with your own item.