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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Different Types Of Poncho

Aug 02, 2017

The advantages and disadvantages of different types of Poncho
The tarpaulin is sewn with a rag. And then rag ragged due to rough, hard, intolerant folding and other shortcomings, and gradually eliminated by consumers and Yupai manufacturers.
A cloth is sewn or glued with a tape. Later, the performance of the tape has been improved and improved. Glue Poncho has a better flexibility, insulation and folding resistance, widely used as wind, rain protection of labor supplies. Plastic film pear is made of plastic film. This kind of Poncho has the advantages of simple manufacture, light and soft, large variety and low price, so it is widely used since the 1960s. One of the cloak-style ponies used exclusively for cyclists is widely used because of its reasonable design and easy handling.
Rainproof pants are sewn with water repellent or oil repellent treated. After the oil-repellent cloth and water repellent, and a good permeability, suitable for high-grade Poncho. There are many varieties of rain, there are rain cotton card, rain polyester cotton poplin, anti-rain polyester silk and so on. Rain cloth Poncho made more popular coat style, a multi-purpose clothing, sunny, rainy day should wear.
Yupai manufacturers produced by the Poncho in our lives has an important role, but in peacetime, how should we identify its quality? Today Xiaobian put their knowledge to know to everyone, the specific understanding of it The
First of all, we can choose through its fabric, if you use the recycled material, then its glue and cloth complex force, the use of wrinkles, which we need to know, followed by attention to its work is how , If the production of equipment is relatively backward, then it is above the pin is very large, and the needle between the level of inconsistencies, and whether it can rain, sealed cover the human body, the body heat row out, outside the cool heat, The formation of water. Only to meet the above knowledge, to illustrate it is a high-quality products.
Yupai manufacturers related to tell us that in the purchase time, is the need to choose according to their own degree of product style, the main consideration is beautiful and generous. Hope that the above explanation will help you!
Most of the Poncho packaging will have a height to choose the Poncho size of the table, but the market by the Yupai manufacturers made Poncho, the size is not the same, it is not recommended to consumers above the size of a Poncho directly to buy different brands Of the Poncho, easy to have errors.

Poncho is best to try on, but usually sell the Poncho can not try to sell, it is recommended that ordinary clothes to wear M people to buy L rain Poncho, and so on, the cover will be better, even if the winter clothes to wear more Available. Sleeves: try the Poncho, the vertical hand to see the length of the sleeve is suitable, can be too long but not too short. Length: the best off the edge of the paw in the middle of the calf to the ankle, due to too short cover is not enough, too long when the ride will be moored.

Collar: button on the button, the head can be any rotation will not breathe better. Waterproof: pay special attention to the sleeves to both sides of the bottom of the car suture whether the water. Will Poncho turn, check the car suture whether there is a waterproof strip, you can also use your fingers to pull to see, if loose is not appropriate to buy.