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The Five Elegant Lines Of A Print Scarf

Jul 11, 2017

The five elegant lines of a Print Scarf

Among the many products in guangzhou's print scarf wholesaler, one product is popular among women, which is the Print Scarf. This kind of Print Scarf looks beautiful and elegant, and it looks like a high-end atmosphere. There are a lot of people who think that the shawl just needs to be put on the shoulder, but it's just the simplest kind of enclosure.

There are many different ways of printing scarves, and the guangzhou print scarf wholesaler is here to explain the five elegant ways:

1, head covered "tees: use bigger cloak or is half round big shawl, put the shawl wrap around in the body, can have the effect in overcoat, let a person times feeling romantic, use generous shawl or a long cape also can wear out this effect. When you wear a wedding dress in this way, you need to avoid choosing a heavy texture.

, wearing a type 2: this is the most classic, the most common is also a kind of special atmosphere wear method, which is from the ancient to the cape on both ends of symmetry in the shoulders, vertical before the bosom of nature. The method appears to be both elegant and casual.

3. Enveloping type: large square or long shaped shawls, even cross-shaped shawls, are suitable for this type of procedure.

4. Clasp: wrap the shawl around the shoulders and then fold the ends symmetrically across the chest. Don't put a nice brooch on the overlaps. This dress is more formal and formal. In addition, you can pull the contact area to the shoulder or back, which will appear more attractive and personal.

Creative method: look at the name and you will know that you will be able to imagine and dress up in a more beautiful way. Either a bow tie, a fresh flower, or even a piece of clothing is ok. Guangzhou print scarf wholesaler after all, it is to give play to what you can, to the perfection of the meaning.

Everyone in Print Scarf of choose and buy when, generally will only choose pattern, style, color, price, but tend to ignore one of the more important factors, that is the problem with their collocation. Even if the printed scarves you buy are expensive, the pattern is gorgeous, the style is popular, but if you're not fit for your body, it's not as good to wear. Then the rongsheng wool printing scarf manufacturers offer a few Suggestions.

1, the person that concave chest and chest is small can choose jacquard style, the texture is more soft, fluffy, can give a person a kind of rich feeling.

A picture of a woolen Print Scarf manufacturer

2. If the person is a male, he can choose a Print Scarf that is thickened and lengthened to fit the neck and shoulder, which will make the neck appear shorter. Young women are more suitable for loose-fitting scarves, which need to be close to their tops.

3, narrow or shoulder, shoulder can choose xl Print Scarf, the ends of Print Scarf draped in the shoulder, and then to the hanging behind, in the visual will make shoulder relatively generous.

4, skin is more black people are not suitable for choose light color attune Print Scarf, victories Print Scarf factory advice or choose neuter color slants deep well, and the skin is more white people can choose downy and tonal print scarves.

5, short and fat, chest size bigger of the two women can choose pattern purity, color is more deep, tonal single loose knitting Print Scarf or silk printing scarf, because dark there will be a kind of let people to reduce the visual perception and have the effect of convergence. And the friend that the figure is small and small, rongsheng wool printing scarf manufacturer recommends choose design concise and simple, simple and elegant printing scarf, but colour needs to choose warm color.