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The Political Mystery Behind The Men Scarf

Jul 03, 2017

The political mystery behind the Men Scarf

Today's topic is the men's scarf, and the first thing that comes to mind is the question of dressing up, which is about our taste, and a deeper level about the culture and the etiquette behind it.

The question of etiquette and taste may seem like a small topic, but it's actually quite big. This year, the state of the provincial government's essay on the essay said: impolite, people are rude, the country is not standing. In the Confucian tradition, the present topic is related to the ceremony. In gakumon Confucius said: "the wild, the gentleman is not can not learn, can not see people do not act the role ofing, no act the role ofing, no, no and disrespect, disrespect, rude. Not husband far and there is light, act the role ofing also; and nearly more than Ming, and learn." Means as a talented person, a person worthy of respect, need to do inside and outside and repair, first internal talented, enrich the internal theory of knowledge reserves, have external things, people to see you the first thing to do is pay attention to your appearance, a see wearing glamorous, first impression will look up his eyes, this is a person's appearance. Therefore, the gentleman needs both internal and external maintenance, which is not only respect for others, but also respect for himself.

While some talented people don't care much about external dressing, there are also sources in the analects: "quality wins the field, the literary and literary history, the genteel, the gentleman." It means to say that a person is very talented and virtuous, but to ignore the exterior is to be "wild" and not to be a gentleman, because the true gentleman is gentle and gentle. Today's men's scarf is still very high, and it can go up to the cultural practice, which can be raised to the level of politeness of Confucius, which is called regular speech.

1. Origin of the Men Scarf: a beautiful legend

The origin of the men's scarf is not very accurate, because there are so many opinions. About the origin of man scarf, there are several kinds of claims, the first is that "protect" : Germanic ethnic is eat birds and animals raw, dressed in animal skins to keep them warm, but hide not buttons, and so the germans wear a belt at the neckline up wind; The second theory is that "function" : in the past with his sleeves are wipe your mouth when you eat later women proposed under the collar is a piece of cloth to wipe your mouth, the cloth slowly becomes a clothes appendages, this phenomenon happened in Britain before the industrial revolution, because the economy is not very developed, material life also is not very rich, all foreign pursuit outside of the product is also very general, but after the industrial revolution, Britain became a developed capitalist countries, the people began to pursue enjoyment, pursuit of taste, cloth to wipe your mouth slowly evolved into a silk scarves, scarf, then slowly evolved into men become necessities, that is to say, these seemingly bright things in the past is a role. Actually traditional Chinese men's clothing Chinese tunic suit also is such, its pocket much more special, there are four pockets from the outside, the above two small, the following two big, from the cultural perspective, it represents the four dimensions: propriety. A third theory is that "decoration" : first of all to see in the picture is the fashionable man, Louis xiv, is the world's one of the longest ruling monarch in history, and kang xi emperor is the same age, so-called "the sun king", the French under its rule became a very rich country, France since then began to appear elegant taste, perfumes, luxury goods and fashion, etc, since then the French began leading the fashion, but the men scarf production has something to do with Louis xiv, Louis xiv likes war, his troops like in Rome, it is a kind of with lace edge clothing, the neckline is a simple bowknot adornment, when the army back, people found that the decoration is very fashionable, and imitators, all wearing a piece of fabric on the neck, slowly evolved into a bow and men scarf, this is the origin of men scarf said.

Men scarf color also can express the mood: in front of the can, hu wearing black men scarf said in silence, and during the earthquake in yushu, xi greatly wear dark blue men scarf said in silence, deep blue in addition to sad, also represents a reflection and a hope, in the face of major natural disasters, although we can't resist the disaster, but people can rethink the problem exposed in the rescue, also represents a hope for the future.