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The Prediction Color Of Autumn And Winter In 2016

Feb 03, 2016

Autumn/winter 2016 is given priority to with warm color, at the same time does not lose his own personality. Three sets of color overall transfer out the special color information, and the other two groups of colors in the combination and decomposition present a unique personality. Color saturation degree, supporting their personality characteristics. Light tone of light color, with strong color of the match. When ethereal hue met confidence of bright color, we are very pleased to see the two personality completely different colour combinations. 

Light grey 

This topic is relatively neutral, with some movement. Mix together, light purple and grey with white clear contrast. Brittle material with similar suede and soft tactility contrast, knit appear clean and rich move feeling. 


Subtle changes have taken place in the traditional leather color, was injected with the smell of warm and metal. Although looks not so gorgeous, but the effect of the sexy beauty of high-end sportswear can definitely meet all your expectations. Unique texture, slightly wild and unruly. 

This group of colors used more subdued color contrast, in the depth of winter extremely rich sense of electronic color is added in the dark. Fire pink streamlined design more dynamic and vibrant. 

In this theme, various nostalgic color is randomly together. Warm and bright colors of mature, subdued color representing the dynamic lifestyle is tonal. Different colors mixed appear harmonious and lively. Pattern contrast can make presents the perfect combination of retro and modern appearance. 

A group is the result of natural color, malachite green and gray, and vibrant yellow and white collocation, the winter sun this combination is very harmonious. At the same time there are some color restoring ancient ways, although look a bit old, but not flashy, easy to wear, but with jeans supplement.