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The Scarf So Wear Fashionable Big Plus For You

Dec 03, 2015

The cold winter, easy to want to don't again want to meimei dalai, heavy to scarf is enough, the purpose of the scarf is not just to keep warm oh, it is winter clothes are the best ornament.

Knitting sweater collocation purple leggings and long boots, warm and individual character is dye-in-the-wood, match again a basic scarf, taking snapshots wet person is you. 

The collocation of color matching cloak and leggings is thin and warm, plus a green scarf, both fashionable and bright eye. 

Super long woolen cloth coat the collocation with pointed black ankle boots is very handsome, match again a melange of super long scarf, a surge of whole looks bright eye. 

Cultivate one's morality of black dresses which outline the girl's body is very perfect, tie-in show thin grey boots and warm plaid scarves, makes you look tall and sexy.