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This A Few Of The Most Popular This Year The Scarf, Snowy Sunken Modelling Is Never Afraid Of The Cold

Jan 21, 2016

They say beauty and comfort rarely go hand in hand. To get one, you normally have to sacrifice the other. But blanket scarves defy this logic. They allow you to wrap yourself up during cold weather while still oozing style.

The only problem is that blanket scarves are larger than average scarves, which means you’ll have to deal with a lot more fabric without looking overwhelmed. The key is to wear a blanket scarf as casually as possible.

“Many women struggle with getting a scarf to look right. However, this trend is all about it looking carefree,” wrote Bridgette Raes, an American style expert, on About.com.

1. Drape it across your shoulders or belt it up

Nothing looks more effortless than simply draping a scarf over your shoulders. While you can do this with many types of scarf, the large size of a blanket scarf has the advantage of doubling as a light coat for chilly weather.

If you don’t like how your blanket scarf moves on a windy day, tie it up with a belt around your waist. This way, it almost looks like you’re wearing a vest or a poncho.

Tip: Wear it with black

A blanket scarf can take quite a large area of the upper part of your body. Wearing too many colors will make your outfit look busy. Bright colors can also make it harder for your scarf to stand out.

“The key is to let the scarf shine and be the focal point of the outfit,” Melanie Morais, a Canadian style blogger, wrote on Edmonton Journal. She also added that it’s important to “keep all accessories to a minimum”.

2. Wrap it around your neck as many times as you can

Wearing multiple layers has always been the opposite of looking sleek. So the more layers you pile on, the more casual you’ll appear to be. Blanket scarves can help you achieve this laidback look.

“I like to do this because it’s so simple,” American fashion stylist Sally Lyndley told Fashionista magazine. “[I’ll wrap it] three or four times around my neck and then tie in the front, just one knot.” She recommends that you buy a long scarf – at least the length of your wingspan – do make sure it goes around enough times.

Tip: Create a lean silhouette

If you sport multiple layers, you can risk looking sloppy. If you drape your scarf as an extra layer, pair it with something less baggy – such as a shaped blazer or fitted sweater.