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This Is The Most Popular Scarf Tied!

Mar 03, 2016

Scarf for this season hot item, have heat preservation effect not only, and the collocation of whole body also is very eyes. But a lot of beautiful eyebrow is hand residual star people, don't tie a scarf, or don't know what the scarf is good. Small make up to introduce three new scarf is the most popular method, super simple, a study will also very fashionable! 

The first paragraph:

Step 1:

Will long scarf around the two laps around her neck.

Step 2 :

Put the two ends of the scarf diagonal to the scarf it is completed. 

The second paragraph:

This scarf is a method to take out the effect is very western style oh, and the coat is a good match! 

Step 1:

Neck scarf cross back again cross back to the front.


Step 2 :

Extra scarf wrapped on both sides to the middle of the gap, the mold!