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Trend Analysis In 2016-2017 ——Pop Art Design Analysis

Jan 14, 2016

Pop art 

Pop the wind pattern is the most fashionable, it represents a kind of popular culture. The pursuit of popular, popular taste, the emphasis in the design of novel and strange, and bold use gaudy colour. Fun of pop art design is not only visual effects strongly, sending out the trends of modern fashionable and individual character interest. This season have letters to visualize, tong qu graffiti painting, cartoon image, and vulgar rich wind patterns printed to pop the artistic charm of the wind. 

Banner image 

Graphics increasingly active slogan letters, the letters will represent a meaning, an image, full of personality, fashion, simple outline of the item with exaggerated letters, along with the gender of the arrangement, handwritten information, brand promotion and in bold text and sportswear, this season, some simple and interesting letters printing also add indication mark. 

Pop color piece 

Vibrant color piece face, design of different colour spell hit, is like a wild art of composition, changeful color piece geometry, collage, the overlap between the dynamic of pop art brings us strong visual feeling, explore the new fashion password. Interpretation of our independent fashion sense. 

Cartoon painting 

Animated cartoon is into fashion, a variety of colorful cartoon design with collage and digital printing is filled with fashionable field of vision. Strong colour let us full of youthful vitality, let us ponder the cartoon image of entertaining, along with the gender at ease. 

Vulgar graphics 

Vulgar pattern is a representative of the '60 s style, popular and widely popular design, or stack, or sporadic scattered, the arrangement of different split, but reveal the same maverick, make public the style of self. 

Graffiti paintings 

Along with the gender of graffiti, ponder the lines of, look be like casual outline, insanity and complete. Seemingly random writing, personality and art. Tong zhen ping tu illustrations, and characterization of art, is full of fun, art and fashion sense.