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Various Occasions For Ladies Scarf

Jul 03, 2017

Various occasions for Ladies Scarf

With the national chain resource advantage, and constantly draw lessons from foreign advanced technology and scientific management experience, after years of unremitting efforts, has won the annual top ten medical beauty chain, and many other honors, and by the vast number of the love of beauty is highly recognized.

1. Clever match

Step1: the lady scarf is in the neck to tie a simple knot.

Step 2: fold the top layer of Ladies Scarf up and fold up the accordion until the position of the neck. Temporarily fix the middle part with your hand.

Step3: put the women's scarf down below and put it in place. Place the top layer of the woman's scarf tightly around the bottom layer.

Step4: wrap the bottom layer twice, reinforce, set aside the consistent length of the picture, and arrange the ladies' scarf on the top layer.

The contracted color spirit in the work place

Step 1: grab the tip of the long scarf and fold it to the accordion fold.

Step 2: make a knot in the top half of the accordion fold.

Step 3: tie a knot on one side of the shoulder.

Step 4: wrap the other side around the neck and pull the remaining lady scarf into the knot and pull it out.

The elegant charm of business occasions

Step 1: wear the ladies scarf around your neck and fall naturally below your neck.

Step2: put a woman scarf tied around the neck.

Step3: align the two ends of the lady's scarf and hold it.

Step4: squeeze both sides of the neck into the knot below the neck, and wear out.

Step5: be sure to wear the two sides as long as you put them, and make sure that the middle part is fluffy and natural.

4 energetic office modeling

Step 1: fold the lady scarf into a triangle and wrap it around your neck.

Step2: put a knot on the side of your neck.

Step3: put the upper part of the two ends of the scarf into the knot.

Step 4: put the bottom part of the woman's scarf into the knot, and pull out a lady's scarf.

A good example of business casual

Step1: take the lady's scarf and fold it into the accordion fold in the picture.

Step2: fold the woman scarf after folding to put on the neck, wrap around the chest, the end of the head is closed together with a rubber band to fix, then arrange into flower shape.

Star fan of social occasions

Step1: fold the sides of the woman's scarf in half, leaving a portion of it in the middle.

Step2: fold the lady's scarf back up and fold the accordion.

Step3: fold the lady scarf that fold the organ fold around the neck, the two combine again use the rubber band to fix, tidy up.

The elegant ladies at the party

Step1: fold the woman scarf irregular, with four sharp corners on the side.

Step2: put the woman scarf from right around the shoulder, the Angle on both sides on the left shoulder, in the position near the neck to pull part of the corner of the two sides, and insert the two corners into the lady's scarf button.

Step3: arrange the two corners that wear out from the lady scarf buckle, form the adornment that has qualitative feeling.

8. Qingxiu

Woman's scarf is folded into a triangle.

Step 2: fold along a long side of the triangle.

Step3: tie the upper part of the organ fold with the lady scarf, and arrange it slightly.

Step4: take the part of a woman's scarf buckle on one side of the shoulder, and then pull the other side through the woman's scarf button and pull it out.

A woman's scarf can be pretty, too

Step1: fold the lady scarf into a large triangle. The two sides of the equal sides are on top.

Step 2: fold the corner of the triangle.

Step3: fold the women's scarf once again, form a pattern of 10 centimeters or so.

Step 4: put the ladies scarf on your chest, and the part on the left will be folded up.

Step5: turn back the lady's scarf back. Form a hole that can be inserted into a finger.

Step 6: turn the woman's scarf back into the front of the scarf to form an inverted triangle.

Step7: put the women's scarf on the right side into the left knot, put it below, and rearrange it well.

The most special collar in academic research

Step 1: the woman scarf turns into a triangle.

Step2: the largest one is folded in half.

Step3: put the lady scarf in, place it in the middle of the lady scarf.

Step 4: put the woman's scarf on the chest, the two sides of the neck tied behind the neck, rearrange the woman's scarf in front of you.