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What Are The Precautions For The Maintenance And Washing Of Wool Scarves?

Aug 22, 2017

What are the precautions for the maintenance and washing of wool Scarves?

  1, cashmere Scarves is made of a precious cashmere raw materials, as cashmere with light, soft, warm, slippery characteristics, the best home wash is to use a separate hand wash (do not mix with other clothing wash); different The color of the cashmere Scarves should not be washed together, so as not to stain.

    2, before washing the size of the cashmere Scarves a good record. Stained with coffee, fruit juice and blood stains such as cashmere Scarves, should be sent to a special washing shop washing.

    3, before washing with cold water soak 5 to 10 minutes (jacquard or multi-color cashmere Scarves should not soak), while the side of the dip with his hands gently squeeze in the water. The purpose of soaking the extrusion is to let the dust attached to the inside of the cashmere from the fiber into the water, the other part of the dirt wetting loose. Soaked in the hands gently squeeze the water, and then into the 35 ℃ or so neutral detergent in the side soaked with both hands gently squeezed wash, do not use hot soap washed, can not scrub, can not use alkaline Of the washing powder to wash, otherwise there will be rolling roll and deformation. Wash the cashmere Scarves in the home, you can use shampoo wash. Because cashmere fiber is a protein fiber, afraid of alkaline detergent, and shampoo is more moderate "type of neutral detergent.

    4, after washing the cashmere Scarves to be acid "(that is, the washed cashmere Scarves placed in the amount of acetic acid solution containing soaking), in order to neutralize the residual in the cashmere sesame liquid, to improve the fabric luster, Protective effect, in the acid "process if there is no glacial acetic acid can also be used to eat white vinegar instead, but after the acid also need to once a clean water.

    5, with about 30 ℃ rinse clean, the matching softener can be added by the amount of instructions, feel better.

    6, will wash the cashmere Scarves out of the water, into the net pocket in the washing machine dehydration tube dehydration.

    7, will be dehydrated cashmere Scarves tiled in the shop with a towel on the table, with the ruler to the original size, hand finishing into a prototype dry, avoid hanging sun exposure.

    8, dried, the available temperature (140 ℃ or so) steam ironing ironing, iron and cashmere Scarves leave 0.5 to 1 cm distance, should not be pressed on the top, such as other iron must be wet mat towel.

    Other reminders

    Such as wearing a local hook after the broken yarn, off the needle, loose line should immediately stop wearing, to repair, so as not to loose needle loose needle. Full wool and high proportion of wool Scarves can not be washed with a washing machine and drum dryer drying, wool will be washed after the carpet, needle ring shrink, hard, serious deformation

    After the cashmere Scarves is worn or stored, be sure to wash it. This reduces the conditions of the borers. Always open the closet or clothes box cover and allow it to ventilate to keep the Scarves dry. Should try to avoid friction with the surface rough objects. Some of the more opportunities for friction parts, such as sleeves and desktops, sofa armrests, inside the pocket of the wallet, etc., as well as to avoid a long time backpack, to avoid wearing a long time without lining the rough coat, should minimize such contact. Wool is the main component of protein, also contains a small amount of fat, is the most favorite food borers. In the yellow croaker season, easy to absorb moisture and mold by the invasion and mold.