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Why Is The Knitted Scarf So Expensive? This Is The Answer!

Aug 11, 2017

Why is the Knitted Scarf so expensive? This is the answer!
A reference to knitted scarves, for most consumers, near astronomical knitted scarves, so that they can not understand why a scarf to be so expensive? Today for you universal about what is so noble scarf.
   Knitted Scarf is expensive, is "precious" expensive. Knitted Scarf raw materials rare, only 0.2% of the world's total animal fiber. Cashmere is different from the wool, wool is the whole body from the sheep shaved down, a sheep's hair can be made into a dozen wool scarves; cashmere is grown in the goat's outer skin, covered in the root of the goat's thin layer of thin velvet , Grow into the cold winter, to resist the cold, spring after the fall off, naturally adapt to the climate. Cashmere need to slowly down from the goat body, five goats cashmere, in order to make a Knitted Scarf.
Knitted Scarf is expensive, "precious" expensive. Knitted Scarf quality excellence, unique style, is a rare excellent ornaments. Knitted scarves like a proud pea princess, wash, ironing, storage need to be fine to wait, a little careless, it is easy to let the princess fragrant jade die. Pure knitted scarves soft and comfortable and thin and warm, its own rare and precious, coupled with the harsh process, bring high prices at the same time, but also extraordinary experience and high quality assurance.
 Wool texture soft, delicate skin, giving the elegant style of scarves, and then the cold wind is not blowing into my heart, because you have along the way, is with the warm peer.
   Pure color wool scarves, simple solid color wool scarves are autumn and winter must have a single product, not only warm, but also to bring you comfortable, soft to enjoy. Autumn afternoon, bathed in the sun, around the wool scarf you, meditation to listen to the voice of nature, as if in a spiritual baptism.
 Solid color scarf is more plastic, light-colored wool scarf with dark coat for the match, and vice versa. Wrapped around the neck, for you to resist the cold wind invasion, can also be casual to put on the shoulders, even more fashionable atmosphere
In my eyes, all the wool scarves are gentle, all kinds of wool scarves, they are not the same warmth.
   Although the selection of wool scarves, although not as precious as cashmere, but also carefully received from the goat who is also a natural, non-polluting natural materials, and then woven into cloth, wool scarf is a gentle will not adhere to self-image things , It was people in the shoulders, wrapped in the head, or around the neck. It is so beautiful, the kind of natural beauty, or solid color or printing, the United States so delicate and elegant.
A wool scarf in his hand, perhaps humble, but it touched the light warm, like the southerly in the strings, the world left in the sorrowful, in the room between their own warmth.
   The world has been shrouded in the fashion atmosphere, probably also on the wool scarf still maintained a classical gentle, a beauty, it did not come because of fashion, and abandoned their own beauty and gentle, as always, the continuation of the classic.
 Although the weather has entered the spring in March, but this changeable weather really makes people unable to wear. How can we keep warm and stylish in this weather? A new Knitted Scarf to get everything!
Design of the new Knitted Scarf from the fashion show to draw inspiration, designed a stylish prints, changing the traditional Knitted Scarf heavy feeling, very light thin section, it is so changing in the weather played a huge role.
    Iconic Knitted Scarf series is the introduction of the classic models, based on the original grid, adding more colors with you, so that the traditional grid glow fashion vitality.
The new knitted scarves in the fashion trend shine, not only by the old customers continue to favor, but also attracted more new customers to come to consult dwell. Now, both winter and summer, beauty of women have to start a Knitted Scarf, because the material created its unique characteristics. Especially in winter, excellent warmth, a thin layer of yarn can also warm the whole winter.