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Winter Knitted Scarf With

Jun 23, 2017

Winter Knitted Scarf with
Although the temperature is not the same throughout the country, and some are still snow it, but it does not matter, no matter what the weather can not stop the pace of our beauty, where the knitted scarves with the basis of the way to tell you.
1. Short and fat, large bust of women should choose simple pattern, the color is darker, the color of a single loose knitted knitted scarves or silk knit scarves, because the darkness of people to narrow the visual sense of convergence effect. And thin friends should choose the style of simple and simple style, plain and elegant knitted scarves, but the color should be used in warm colors.
2. Concave chest and bust little people choose jacquard style, soft texture, fluffy, gives a sense of generous sense of Knitted Scarf is appropriate.
3. Shoulder narrow or shoulders, choose lengthened knitted scarves, knitted scarves at both ends of the oblique ride on the shoulder to the back hanging, the visual will make the relative relative to become more generous.
4. Long neck, men can choose to increase the length of the knit scarf, in order to neck and shoulder, this will make the neck was short; and young women should be loose around the neck scarf, color and coat close to.
5. Skin darker people should not use light-colored knitted scarves, neutral color deep as well, and the skin of white people to choose a more soft tone of the Knitted Scarf.
With proper way
★ 1. "Free" with the law. For example, a solid color and knees of the Knitted Scarf is very character, put on long jackets and jeans, can be free to wear knitted scarves in front and back, so knit scarf on the tassel wanton dancing, chic free. Wearing sleeveless dress, sleeveless vest sweater or V-neck low-cut clothes, the same can be used with a long Knitted Scarf, with a different style.
★ 2. Mixed with the law. For example, wearing a chiffon shirt and high heels, the overall show elegant style of women. But with a rough woven wool knit scarf, forming a strong contrast collision, resulting in a bit of visual effects.
★ 3. Handsome with the principle. For example, a young man dressed in a handsome coat, wrapped around the neck with a long section of wool knit scarf, a kind of intellectual beauty, while emitting a warm feeling.
★ 4. Long Knitted Scarf rule. Long Knitted Scarf has a lot of way with. Such as wearing a collar-free clothes, the long knitted scarves can be around the neck around a circle, one after the knitting scarves naturally hanging down. Or in a white shirt on a red scarf knit long scarf, look handsome and capable.
★ 5. The necessary rule. Women must have a wool fabric shawl, BUBERRY brand the best. If it is the workplace women, windbreaker must also be very good with the fabric scarf with, so as to show the elegance and taste of the individual.