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You Know A Few Tips To Buy Scarves

Sep 04, 2017

You know a few tips to buy Scarves
        Learn Scarves to buy little tips and add fun to your family.
Here Xiaobian to introduce our daily use of Scarves of small common sense, I hope you learn a little knowledge.
1, cut velvet:
    Scarves down from the looms are both sides of the terry; and now the printed products required printed on the smooth and smooth cloth, how to do?
    So there is a cut velvet. Cut the hem is cut the hem half, so that the scarf is suitable for printing.
    High-level factory can print the scarf was like painting, as a special high-end ornaments.
    Now foreign products are generally required to cut velvet; because cut the product after printing color color, feel comfortable.
    And its drawback is that the product is easy to loose cashmere, if the process of making unreasonable words;
    Oh, it will be out of the hair after the hair.
    But then a reasonable process, cut pile products will have a slight cashmere.
    Not cut velvet products are not meticulous on the printing, but very durable, do not have to worry about it will fall hair; feel relatively handy friends.
2, water absorption:
    Why some Scarves do not absorb water after the water? A little scarf touched, the water on the dry?
    Because in the process of dealing with Scarves, the use of auxiliaries: softener
    This thing is a kind of liquid, scarf from the inside will become very soft.
    It has two kinds: one is absorbent; one is not absorbent.
    Naturally, you know the front of the problem.
    Non-absorbent products, especially the bright color of the product, it seems that coated with a layer of grease the same; so when you want to buy absorbent scarf, thin scarf is very bright, then, is not absorbent friends.
3, the organization of technology:
    If you are careful people, you can find some of the scarf is composed of a terry, the other side is the two terry; some are both sides of a terry; a bit on both sides are composed of two terry.
    Tell you this is very important!
    Generally we see the products are both sides of a terry is composed of Scarves Oh; because it is an ordinary mass products, called a single wool process;
    And occasionally you will see one side is a terry composition, the other side is the two terry scarf, this is called the single and double wool process; is a high-end product line, so this more durable; printed beautiful color Dazzling
More difficult to see the two pairs of wool process, that is, both sides are composed of two terry Scarves; this scarf particularly thick. Belonging to the high-end product line. Needless to say, the price of this stuff is very expensive.
4, interrupted:
    What is interrupted?
    Oh, in fact, we see a lot of Scarves in the supermarket are scraping Scarves.
    That is, you can see the middle of the scarf in addition to the terry, the emergence of cloth, some Scarves is broken Scarves;
    Its craft can be ever-changing; can weave a lot of patterns to;
    The price of this scarf is relatively high! Market price of a facial towel is more than 8 yuan.
5, jacquard:
    That is, in the scarf can see some of the terry, a little cloth, these cloth is lower than the loom; after the process by the development of process engineers, these bumps show a variety of flowers.
    The price of this scarf is much more expensive than an ordinary scarf; but it can only be achieved by dyeing to match the color;
6, embroidery:
    This is a simple, we see a lot of Scarves in the supermarket, computer embroidery out of a puppy, a small flower and so on.
    Add flowers for this scarf value of 1 ~ 2 dollars.
7, bath towel:
    Is behind the bath in the body;
    There are children's bath towels (usually 60x120cm 69x137cm), adult towels (76x152cm the most common).
    This bath towel is generally printed with a very beautiful color: cartoon, beauty, scenery ... ... particularly popular.
    In addition, these towels used as a beach towel abroad; in the travel to the beach when used in the pad on the beach and swimming after the body.
    Bath towels as ornaments are also particularly good.
    While the domestic general use of plain bath towels, these things are not printed by the, but all white, or the same kind of light; general hotel use more common.
    And the family generally will not use this kind of thing.
    Little girls are particularly fond of cartoons, because they are too beautiful, so the towels in the country is also quite popular.
8, cotton:
    We see the plain scarf, the manufacturers are generally driven by profits in the cotton yarn mixed with chemical fiber; and we can not tell whether there is chemical fiber! The
    This is a lot of manufacturers of chemical fiber, so that they get a lot of cost reduction!
    And how do we try to distinguish?
    Chemical fiber generally feel particularly soft and comfortable; feel very soft (note that the softener in front of this feature)
    And we see the big scraping bottom products (and large towel printing) products easy to distinguish: chemical fiber that yarn is not colored, is white, in the purple light below;
    Showing the same color as the money. So use this method to identify plain scarf is also an effective trick! The The
9, active printing:
    This is a lot of people do not know!
    This refers to the dyes used for printing;
    Note that this is a non-toxic dye Oh.
    What paint is printed
    It is easy to separate. The former pattern of printing color shiny, the latter, no luster, very ugly Oh. We see the tea towel is the paint; it printed the place;
    Terry or suede stained together, no fluffy, was eliminated products. Be careful not to buy! The
    The paint is now also used because it is a terry or suede stained together; so it is used with printed fonts, lines; this is available and allows our products to have another new vision.